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Health Insurance for Freelancers

Before we can determine why health insurance for freelancers is so important, we need to understand what freelancing actually is. A lot of people consider themselves freelancers when they’re really just working part-time for someone else. Real freelancers are independent contractors who work on a project-by-project basis, so they aren’t actually employed by anyone. But health insurance for freelancers is still vital to their health and well-being, regardless of how much or how little they get paid per project. Harvey Durham Insurance recognizes the importance of health coverage for freelancers and helps individuals secure the protection they need everyday. 

There are several reasons why health insurance for freelancers is so important. These include protecting themselves, their families, and their health. Saving your hard earned money is also a huge plus. Of course health insurance is very important for everyone in this day and age, but freelancers need it more than ever. 

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Protect your health

It may seem basic to say health insurance protects your health, but it's extremely accurate. If something happens at work or if you get sick, having insurance protects your health and your income simultaneously. No freelancer wants to be out of work because he or she got sick, but without health insurance that could happen all too easily. Harvey Durham specializes in providing health coverage for self-employed individuals just like yourself. He knows that health insurance for freelancers is vitally important to protect both health and livelihood.

Save Money

Besides protecting health and well-being, health insurance for freelancers also saves money. A lot of freelancers try to cut costs by getting out of health insurance altogether, but this can actually be a huge mistake. Not having health insurance can lead to bigger problems down the road. This, of course, will ultimately end up costing them more money in health care costs. Health insurance for freelancers covers a lot of expensive health problems and even accidents that could be life-threatening. Without health insurance, freelancers may not be able to cover health costs like these, and that would be a severe financial burden.

Protect Your Family

Rather than just protecting themselves, health insurance for freelancers also gives them the opportunity to protect their families. If a freelancer dies or becomes unable to work because of an accident, their family could be left with no source of income at all. If this happens, the problem could rapidly develop into a crisis. When health insurance for freelancers is accessible, it can assist to cover family members in the event of an accident.