Health Insurance for Realtors

Health Insurance for Realtors

Many aspiring real estate agents, and even some current real estate agents, are wondering how they will get a good health insurance policy. Many health insurance for realtors policies are not geared towards people who are self-employed, as many real estate agents are.

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The Importance of Health Insurance Benefits

Health insurance is an important aspect of the real estate business, especially for independent contractors. Health insurance can be costly without coverage from a large employer or association with multiple brokerages. Health care costs are rising every year, but the Health Insurance For Realtors options are often too expensive to afford on one’s own. Health Insurance For Realtors is becoming more prevalent in the world of real estate because it gives agents peace of mind that they have medical coverage when they need it most.

Why do you need realtor health insurance?

Health Insurance for Realtors is a necessary investment, especially when you consider the risks in today’s job market! Health Insurance For Realtors can really help when it comes to maintaining your financial security and Health Insurance for Realtors is even mandated by law (in many states). Health insurance goes far beyond health care; Health Insurance for Realtors protects you from all the unexpected costs that arise when it comes to medical expenses.


How do self-employed real estate professionals get health insurance?

While the majority of real estate agents are employed by an agency, there’s also a significant percentage that work as self-employed. These people may have more difficulty finding health insurance coverage or a plan that works for them. With the help of Harvey Durham, it’s never been easier to get a policy for the self employed. If you meet certain income requirements and qualify based on your tax credit, then there are some subsidies that will help cover part of what it costs! Harvey Durham Insurance is a company with experience in providing quality health insurance for realtors. We will personally recommend the best policy to fulfill your needs as an agent while being affordable and within budget, ensuring that you have peace of mind when it comes time to take on this demanding position or any other new responsibility!

How much does health insurance cost for real estate agents?

Harvey Durham Insurance will personally propose a unique health insurance plan for real estate agents that is affordable and meets their requirements. We know the topic of agent’s health care can be daunting, but we’re here to help you understand what coverage options are available so your worries aren’t ours!


Harvey Durham Insurance is a full-service agency that specializes in helping real estate agents find the perfect health insurance plan. Whether you need coverage for yourself, your family members or any other individuals employed by your business; we will work hard to get it all done quickly and affordably so there’s no time wasted in getting the coverage you deserve! We are here to help you find the perfect health insurance plan for your unique needs as a realtor. We’ll work with all types of companies and brokers, so don’t hesitate – contact us today!

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